Sightly Revolutionizes Local Business Search With Video

Sightly is a local marketing tool that allows small businesses to leverage the power of video to tell their story in the most engaging and effective way possible.

When you do any routine Google search these days, the most noticeable aspect of the page is the video thumbnails next to the typical search results. Video is quickly starting to dominate both global and local search and it’s growing thanks to the boom in mobile video viewing. With video essentially replacing basic websites as the main medium consumers will expect to see, it’s more important than ever to integrate video into your local marketing strategy and no one makes it easier than Sightly.

Sightly is all about local business search and discovery. Let’s say you’re a car dealership who turns to Sightly for a local marketing boost. When users search “car dealership” in your area, your Sightly video will allow your business to appear above YouTube videos and other search results while presenting the user with an engaging way to learn about your business.

Sightly is also a certified Google AdWords partner which can mean a huge advantage for your CPC campaign. Between video and certified AdWords experts, your small business will have a massive leg up on the competition.

Sightly provides a number of different packages and allows you to customize your campaign, get a mobile web site, get a 30-second spotlight video, customize your website and campaign with your own images and logo, and change or modify your campaign each month. There is no contract to sign, you simply decide if you want to continue using the service each month.

Sightly is all about video but there are other local marketing tools that allow you to leverage the power of the web for your local business. Yodle is a growing company that helps build your web presence and use SEO to drive calls and emails to your business, allowing you to track everything in the process.

OrangeSoda is another local marketing tool that provides you with a website, SEO, coupons, PPC, and marketing advice for your small business. Their services start at $475 for the basic package while the Pro package costs $1,125.

Another local marketing tool is ReachLocal which provides a full suite of features for your business. ReachLocal can produce videos as well but focus mostly on search engine advertising, marketing, and lead management. Their services start at $1,000 while a full comprehensive media mix package starts at $3,700.

Ultimately, you will want to choose the right tool for your budget and goals. All of these tools provide an edge in the search engine and local marketing game, Sightly just does it differently than the others.

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