SMS Text: A Mobile Marketing Solution That Cuts Through Distractions

Marketing through text messages is the latest and greatest, boasting a 98 per cent open rate and redemption rates of up to 45 percent. I’m surprised the open rate isn’t 100 per cent.

When your phone buzzes, you look at it. It cuts through all the distractions. I’m sure you’ve been in a conversation with someone and had them bring out their phone in the middle of it because they got a text. Maybe you’ve done this. When your phone buzzes, you just look it!

And cutting through the distractions is key.

“Small businesses are faced with a big challenge – how to drive sales when most consumers have short attention spans, are less brand loyal than ever before, and are resistant to advertising,” said James Citron, CEO and cofounder of SMS marketing company Mogreet.

“Our belief is that the most successful approach is to create powerful messages and deliver them to the one device that every consumer is glued to – the mobile phone. Using Express, we’ve given small business owners the power to deliver powerful marketing messages with engaging photos or videos directly into the hands, purses and pockets of their customers. Business owners using Mogreet Express will not only benefit from its ease-of-use, but also its ability to drive sales, increase repeat purchases, build loyalty and attract new customers.”

Mogreet just recently announced their new product for small business owners: Mogreet Express, which is an extension of Mogreet’s enterprise text marketing solution.

How it works: You create an account, choose a keyword and promote the mobile program in store, on the Web and across social channels. As customers join the program and your mobile database begins to grow, you can start crafting and sending messages to incentivize and invite repeat visits and purchases.

Mogreet Express also includes a variety of reporting tools and metrics to track program process and overall success.

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If you’ve used mobile marketing in your business, we’d love to hear about it! Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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