Tech Thursday (4/4): News From Actionplanr, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and GFI WebMonitor

It’s Tech Thursday from Each week we take a quick look at business and technology news and updates for the small business community and share them with you in a quick and simple round-up so that you stay informed and educated on the things that matter to your business.





Announcing The Official Launch of Actionplanr App

New productivity app helps small businesses control four key areas of workflow

Hware LLC., announces the launch of Actionplanr, a productivity software application designed for helping solopreneurs and micro- businesses in four key areas of their workflow: Task Management, Goal Planning, Work/Life Balance and Integration and Step-by-Step Action Plans.

“As a desktop application, we felt we could build a more powerful and richer interface that would allow solo-users to work offline,” says Brenda Horton, co-creator of Actionplanr and president of Hware LLC., (HumanityWare).

With nearly 200 trial users, Actionplanr is stealthily building a community of a new generation of productivity software users. You can find out more about this new productivity app here.



Nuance Announces Updates to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12


Greater Compatibility for Microsoft Windows 8, Support for Recently Released Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Internet Explorer


Nuance Communications, Inc. announced updates to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software for the personal computer. Dragon 12 now features seamless integration with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, and enhanced support for Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

Launched in July of 2012, Dragon 12 features a 20 percent improvement to out-of-the-box accuracy, faster performance and new features like Smart Format Rules that make Dragon more productive and personal than ever. With this latest update, Dragon allows for greater compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013, Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8. Among these changes is improved usability for Windows 8, including in its Start screen and full-screen apps.

You can see more about the updates to Dragon here.



GFI WebMonitor 2013 Brings Web Filtering to Off-Network Laptop and Notebook Devices


Businesses can now extend Web browsing policies and filtering protection outside of the corporate network


GFI Software™ today announced GFI WebMonitor® 2013, the latest version of the company’s Web security and filtering solution targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. This new version enables IT managers to deploy a roaming Web filtering agent on laptop and notebook devices. With this new agent, businesses can extend corporate browsing policies to company assets running outside of the corporate network and provide continuous filtering protection whether employees are in-house or on-the-go.

GFI WebMonitor’s new roaming agent extends corporate browsing policies and filtering protection to laptops and notebooks running outside of the corporate network – and does so without compromising connectivity speeds. With this feature in place, IT managers can trust that road warriors, remote employees and workers who take their devices home at night are held to the same Internet usage policies that in-house employees follow. This capability is also beneficial for small businesses that use laptops and notebooks as their primary computing devices.

You can find out more about this new version of WebMonitor here.

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