Ten Dos and Don’ts For An Effective Facebook Retargeting Campaign

I was looking to buy a new computer two weeks ago. I checked out a few websites, isolated some of my favorites, but I wasn’t ready to make a purchase yet. The next day I visited Facebook and amongst the jokes and status updates, on the right side of the page, was one of the computers I had been viewing the day before. Was it an eerie coincidence? No, it was Facebook Retargeting.

For those unfamiliar with Facebook Retargeting, here is a quick run-through. A user visits your page, and shows interest in a particular product or service. A cookie is then placed on the user’s computer. If that user walks away without making a purchase, custom ads are run on the right panel of Facebook, tempting the user to return to your website and make the purchase.

Over time and multiple retargeting efforts, you can see how this tactic can boost sales with customers you thought you lost. However, while Facebook Retargeting may be a good option for your small business, there are specific dos and don’ts to maximize its impact.  Perfect Audience, a company that offers Facebook Retargeting services, has some great ideas on doing it right.

The DO List

  • DO keep your ads fresh! Use a variety of ads and monitor them over time to see which ads are performing the best.
  • DO set conversion goals. They will give you insight and motivation for your retargeting efforts.
  • DO point some retargeting efforts at people who signed up with your website or made a purchase. Their past behavior indicates that they may be repeat customers.
  • DO have a special campaign that retargets people who failed to complete your sign up process. A sign up process may have 2 or 3 steps, and if people leave before fully signing up, you should be retargeting them.
  • DO create ads that stand out. Colors like blue, green, red, yellow and orange will make your ad pop out instead of blending in with the Facebook background.

The DON’T List

  • DON’T over focus on users who have already converted. If they’ve already signed up for your offer, you’ve won the battle and should start focusing on people who haven’t been converted yet.
  • DON’T use a retargeting platform that doesn’t differentiate among click-through and view-through conversions.
  • DON’T separate retargeting data from customer data. Merging the two will give greater insight.
  • DON’T retarget solely on page views. Consider what users do on your site, not just what pages they visit.
  • DON’T run generic ads. Your retargeting ads should show an obvious connection to your brand.

With these tips in mind, it’s time to start using Facebook Retargeting to bring in greater profits and convert customers you thought you lost. If you already have a Facebook Retargeting campaign, use these ideas to make it stronger and more effective. Or if you haven’t used Facebook Retargeting yet, follow these tricks to see success right away!

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Jennifer Peaslee

Jennifer has a Masters in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame. She is currently working as a freelance writer, editor, blogger and researcher.

One thought on “Ten Dos and Don’ts For An Effective Facebook Retargeting Campaign

  1. Prachi Mishra

    [Disclaimer, I work at Triggit]

    overview on how retargeting on the Facebook Exchange works. As far as
    your Dos and Don’t list, I have a couple suggestions to add along:

    use informative dynamic creatives with a strong call to action. These
    ads showcase the exact products customers were looking and provide a
    strong reason to click through. For more info: bit.ly/TrDACopy

    DO work with an FBX partner who is fully-loaded. Make sure you’re
    woking with a capable partner, like Triggit, who has the ability to
    retarget dynamically, optimize your campaigns, implement frequency and
    recency capping, and go international! Just because you’ve got wheels,
    doesn’t mean you can race in the Indy 500!

    DO require transparency in reporting. At the end of the day, it’s
    your campaign, make sure you know where your campaign dollars are going!


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