The Lowdown On Three Social Productivity And Task Management Platforms

Working from home is a common topic around these parts. We’ve talked about the benefits for employers and for employees. But once you’ve decided to give it a shot, how do you manage your employees and their tasks? Many companies have turned to platforms like Asana, Kona, and

These are web apps, which allow you and your employees to share a virtual workroom, where you can assign tasks, due dates, and observe progress. Your employees can submit work and complete tasks, collaborate and communicate, and share files. These apps are social networks for your employees to work in. You don’t have to delve into emails or anything else outside the apps.

These social productivity platforms keep employees and employers organized and task-based. They strive to keep you from getting lost in the time-suck that is the email inbox. When you work, you need a tool that is just for work and that’s what Asana, Kona and can be for you.


  • Offers iOS and Android apps
  • Released API for integration with Dropbox, Google Apps and many other services
  • Free up to 30 team members. Paid plans up to 100+ members
  • Started by Facebook co-founders
  • Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine describes Asana as “a single place where people can see every project colleagues are working on, answer questions, and get instant updates about how the work is progressing.”

  • Offers iOS and Android apps
  • Released API for integration with Desk, Contractually, Dropbox, Wufoo, Harvest, Google Drive and more
  • Owned by Salesforce and integrates with Salesforce
  • Free for unlimited members, but limits number of deals and contacts. Paid plans offer unlimited deals and contacts, and offer private projects and deals, guest access and priority support.
  • Google picked for their team.



  • Offers iOS and Android apps
  • Integrates with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox, among other services
  • Free to all, with unlimited projects and 1 GB of cloud storage. Paid plans forthcoming

This social collaboration/productivity app space is heating up. These three are just some of the players in this space and the competition is fierce.

Do you use Kona, Asana or Is there a better app out there? Let us know your experiences with social productivity apps in the comments!


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