Top U.S. Retailers Meet Mobile Website Expectations, But U.K Retailers Fall Short. Why It Matters

When someone visits your business website on their phone, do they get a mobile-optimized website, or are they met with your regular old desktop website?

According to a new report from Skava, 100 per cent of the 100 top retailers in the US have optimized their websites for mobile shopping, compared to only 50 per cent of the UK’s top retailers. Apparently Americans are ahead of the game on this, while the UK has lagged behind.

Skava tells us, “A smartphone user has a distinct set of expectations when browsing on a mobile device compared to how they interact with their desktop or even their tablet. Retailer’s websites which have not been optimized for tablet experience a far lower rate of conversion compared to one that has been specifically optimized for the device. Retailers need to be able to respond quickly to the ever shifting digital landscape and influx of new devices, by making sure their e-commerce website is not only working properly but optimised for conversion across all devices.”

Skava, which has created unique mobile experiences for American retailers like Macy’s and Banana Republic, has opened a London office to meet the needs of European retailers. But mobile websites aren’t just for the big dogs.

If you don’t have a mobile website for your business, you might be missing sales. SmallBizTechnology uses Mobstac for our mobile website. Check it out. I’ll wait here. Take out your phone and check out our mobile experience. Let us know what you think of it! With Mobstac, you can try a starter site out for free.

But when you’re setting up your mobile website, whatever way you end up doing it, make sure there’s an option to go back to the desktop version. Maybe it’s just me editorializing, but I can’t stand when a website shunts me over to its mobile version and offers me no choice to use the desktop version instead. One website that does this is Twitter. It’s forever irritating to me, because there are specific functions that the desktop website can do that are not replicated in the mobile version. Learn from Twitter. Allow for a desktop option.

Tell us in the comments about your experiences with mobile websites! Do you have one? How did you make it? Have you noticed more conversions since implementing it?

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