Why Solo Entreprenuers Fail. Painful Lessons from Ramon This Weekend.

I’ve been a solo entrepreneur for a long time…..it’s grueling work.

As a solo entrepreneur you do EVERYTHING yourself. It’s painful.

However, over the last few years, I’ve learned that creating a team and having help to grow my business is the best way to GROW.

Most of my Smallbiztechnology.com team has been built using Elance and consists of a content and marketing coordinator, video editor, graphics editor and several awesome writers.

This weekend I made the mistake that many solo entreprenuers make. Except instead of in business it was a bit more personal – I moved homes almost all alone. Moving requires two things – brains to organize everything (my wife) and brute strength to move 8 years of “STUFF”. Someone from my church helped for 2 days and of course my son helped – but he was in school much of the time – so lots of the work fell on my tired shoulders.

While you don’t have to hire full time ‘staff’ in your business there is no reason why you should not have contractors or at LEAST an intern to assist in your businesses growth.

Smart business owners know that the only way to grow is to work ON their business and not IN their business.

The next time you start editing 5 images for a client – think who you can pay to do that and put your time on something else.

Before you start ordering food for that 20 person meeting, think who you can pay to do that so you can put your energy in something else. Like ensuring the meeting goes well!

Delegating responsibilities is a skill that you MUST learn to go from being a “solo entrepreneur” to a “solo entrepreneur” with a team.

Ramon moving boxes

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