YouTube’s New Channel Design Presents New Marketing Opportunities

Perhaps you’ve seen it already: YouTube has allowed channels to change their layouts to accommodate for different screen sizes, an exciting feature that improves the way people see your channel. This redesign, known as One Channel, puts you on the driver’s seat for the first time and allows you to showcase lists of your content on different areas of the screen. It also allows you to customize your channel by including header art, much like the old channel format did.

Once YouTube users click on your channel from their subscription lists, they’re taken straight to your One Channel platform where they can see your lists and features. This gives you a chance to showcase all of your best products on the channel in a way that will be seen by every screen that views it.

But to make your YouTube marketing effective, you also have to optimize your content so that it’s seen. You could have the most awesome channel out there, but people won’t be able to find you unless you use certain practices that will get you at least on the first page of video search results. Room214, a social media marketing company, has worked out some magic that can improve your YouTube channel.

With Room214’s services, you get full search optimization services as well as audits of your channel and the channels of up to three competitors. This also shows you what they’re doing that you’re not, letting you see how you can improve yourself and become a more efficient marketer.

YouTube may be the new frontier for marketing, but it’s quickly become a saturated and competitive marketplace. You need every tool you can get to shove your elbow into competing channels’ sides and get a little room to breathe. Room214 will help you do that from YouTube’s side. What marketing you do outside of YouTube, though, is still vital to making sure that your videos gain a maximum amount of visibility. Users don’t view your videos just from YouTube. You also must make sure that everywhere your video is embedded has the same standard of proficient search optimization.

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