Zimana Helps You Build The Best Digital Marketing Strategy With Google Engage and Search Metric Services

Bill Gates is believed to have said, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”.

We, at SmallBizTechnology, will go further and say, “It’s that town square you should be hustling at, right now”.

Digital marketing is the ticket to the future, and to have a strategy that works is a “must-do” right now. Yet, many businesses don’t get to do it. If they do, they aren’t in a position to gauge their performance since they lack the resources to collect actionable data and then analyze it for taking corrective steps of action.

For most businesses, in a nutshell, analytics and data sound like fancy pant terms instead of this data working at the very core of their businesses and to shape their business decisions.

Admittedly, data management and analytics gets complicated beyond the executive capabilities of many small business owners and that’s when service providers, like Zimana, step in to help you out.

Zimana  provides tools and services for small businesses to gain insights from data, use analytics to drive their business decisions, and provide everything that a business needs to refine its digital marketing strategy.

Here’s how the company achieves that:

Leverage SearchMetrics Suite

SearchMetrics  is a software suite that helps organizations gain unique insights on keywords and key phrases they target while working on Search Optimization. It adds unique representation across 123 countries and also makes inroads into world’s leading social media portals. Zimana now provides the utility of the Search Metrics Suite along with its other paid or open source tools and services such as GA Data Grabber, Quantum Buzz, Custom Dashboards, Keyword research, Paid Search Management, Heat map testing, and a host of other services.

Zimana With Google Engage

Google Engage  is a new Google initiative for helping business grasp the enormity of digital marketing strategies including Paid search, organic search optimization, and general online marketing. The Google Engage program provides businesses (for you and for your clients if you are in the digital marketing strategy business) with full-time support, introductory offers on AdWords and Google’s other programs; online training courses (including webinars and physical events); and sales tools along with marketing collateral.

Zimana is now a part of the Google Engage program and provides you with support for conducting Ad Word Campaigns, keyword research, pass on Google Engage’s special offers to your business, provide you with strategic marketing support, and much more.

Social Search, Analytics, and Intelligence

Performance is like a half-baked cake if there’s nothing to measure it. Analytics helps you determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Effectiveness of your campaign, by the way, doesn’t have anything to do with how many fake fans and followers you manage to buy into; what it means is to measure the extent of growth “organically”.

Pierre DeBois – Chief Digital marketing Strategist and Founder of Zimana – has a video on All Analytics, which you’ll do well to check out.

The data is always present. Checking your analytics data periodically instead of doing “Before and after checks” or “sporadic checks” the best possible way to keep track of intelligent data that matters to your business. That intelligence helps you to keep pulse on conversations, real engagements, and relationships.

What does your digital marketing strategy look like?

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Ashwin Satyanarayana is a content strategist and a technology aficionado who blogs at Groovywebtools. He is also a freelance blogger, Social media consultant, and an entrepreneur. He owns an Internet Marketing company called Fetchprofits .When he isn't writing, which is rarely the case, he is traveling the world.

One thought on “Zimana Helps You Build The Best Digital Marketing Strategy With Google Engage and Search Metric Services

  1. Yeye Yates

    Interesting post and totally agree with the digital marketing as the ticket of the future. In this day and age, a business to attain maximum market share, they should tap the internet – even if it is originally a land-based venture. They also need the proper tools to help them gather accurate statistical data. Have been using ColibriTool (http://colibritool.com) for sometime now and in a way, it is a tool similar to Zimana. Though have to admit that I have yet to explore Google Engage – but rest assure it will integrate seamlessly with ColibriTool


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