3 Mobile Website Tools To Help Restaurants Fill The Seats And Get Cooking

Speaking from personal experience, few things are more frustrating than needing information about a business and finding the information is unavailable online. If a business doesn’t have a website, they are doing business wrong. Restaurants, if you don’t have your hours and your menu online, you are doing it wrong. The more information you have online, the better.

A mobile website helps get you that customer that’s standing under an awning in the rain, looking for the perfect restaurant for lunch on his or her iPhone. Make it easy for your customers to give you their money. They want to!

According to SiteApps, only 5 percent of independent restaurants have a mobile-compatible website to attract customers. OpenTable and Google have both released products to entice small businesses into going mobile, but there’s still a huge demand for the restaurant industry to get up-to-speed. SiteApps recently announced a free service, SiteApps Mobile, that instantly creates a mobile version of a restaurant’s website. Here are some additional choices that can help you get started.

OpenTable’s Mobile: launched in 2012, this tool includes locations, contact details, menus and a link to make a reservation, among other key information; free for members paying a monthly subscription of $200.

Google’s GoMo: launched in 2011, GoMo offers various professional templates that are customizable for any business; free for one year, then $9/month after signing up.

SiteApps’ Mobile: designed specifically for restaurants, this includes a description, phone number, address/directions (with a live Google Maps view) and working hours; free without a membership required.

Don’t forget this great list of five ways to improve your restaurant’s website. The tips are so, so important. I’ll state one of them here, because of how important it is: Drop Flash. Stop using Flash! You need searchable text on your website. Bonus points if your menu isn’t a PDF.

And get your specials out there! Make them common knowledge!

Let us know in the comments how you’ve used technology to make your restaurant a success!

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Vincenzo Ravina is a writer, journalist and giraffe enthusiast from Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can learn more at his website, http://VincenzoRavina.com, or follow him on Twitter at @RavinaSBT.

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  1. Fourtopper

    Great list of resources, Vincenzo! Thanks for making it easier for restaurants to get a mobile site, however, they’re probably better off with a responsive website – that way it shows on every device.


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