47 Year Old Small Business Builds Custom Apps And See’s Big Results

Illinois-based Bahrns Equipment is a 35-person, family-owned company specializing in heavy equipment rental and supply. Like many other small companies today, the Bahrns management team has been eager to find ways to increase their efficiency and their productivity on a tight budget. The never-ending pile of paperwork and forms to document all of the sales and service calls were becoming a time consuming and costly part of the Bahrns day-to-day operations.

After a little research, the team at Bahrns knew that creating custom apps designed specifically for their business could be exactly the solution they needed. But like many other companies their size, it appeared initially that the high costs of these more advanced applications could make them impossible to obtain. Beyond that, they needed to ensure that any new technologies they employed would need to be easily adoptable by their employees and manageable without a dedicated IT team.

The team at Bahrns stumbled on another option. Canvas, a developer for business mobile applications, offered an interesting solution. The company provides ready-made applications that offer a quick, do-it-yourself process to personalize mobile business applications. The applications come equipped with features like electronic signatures, GPS, barcode scanners and access to business lists and catalogs.

Since discovering these custom built applications, Bahrns has now deployed 25 Canvas-made applications. They utilize them during service calls, in the sales department and even for employee time tracking. They also utilize an application that allows their customers to submit their own service requests outside of their normal business hours.

Since the implementation of the applications, Bahrns Equipment is experiencing a noticeable improvement in their sales and service processes. Their technicians now have accessibility to customer information while out on the job using a tablet instead of returning to the office. This process is saving the company on travel expenses while increasing their employees’ productivity. The team at Bahrns also reports an increase in their customer service levels because of their ability to now quickly invoice customers and respond promptly to service requests.

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