5 Tips to Declutter Your Business Website and Social Media Content (Infographic)

Spring is synonymous with spring cleaning our homes. But have your ever considered spring cleaning for your business?

In your zealous efforts to reach out to the customers via every form of web communication is your business guilty of an information overload? Have you failed to personalize social media communications or, even worse, still retain information that is out-dated? Here is a wonderfully simple and powerful infographic from ReachLocal highlighting the need for businesses to ask these 5 important questions of their online marketing efforts and how they can declutter their website and social media content.

Have you optimized your Google+ Local Page? Google+ Local Pages replaced Google Place Pages and have become a key source of online information on local businesses.  Ensure that your business address is correctly updated on your Google+ Local Page. As per Janine Popick, CEO and Founder of VerticalResponse, “If your business is local, make sure your local page on Google+ is the best that it can be!” Regularly update photos, videos and display fresh content that contains keywords for your business.

Are your social media sites truly ‘social’?  Let’s face it, unless you are an established business in the local community, have a large promotional budget or can get a celebrity to endorse your brand, getting customers to notice your social media pages can be hard work. Having your presence on every possible site is not enough, your need to be prolific in engaging your customers. Set aside a few hours every week to interact with your customers online, respond to their comments, seek out their experiences with your business and maybe even post customer photos on your site. If numbers permit, then offer an exciting spring /summer giveaway as a reward to your followers and a way to entice non-followers to enroll.

Are you actively seeking customer reviews? The Local Consumer Review Survey 2012, conducted across local consumers in U.S, Canada and U.K, revealed that 70 percent of consumers read online reviews and 58 percent trusted a business with positive online reviews.  Google+ Local is now based on a 30 point scoring Zagat system (instead of stars), which are reflected on your business page and Google search result listings. You need a minimum of 10 customer reviews for the score to be populated. So your marketing efforts need to include concerted client communications via email and social media sites asking for feedback on dealing with your business. Equally important is responding to both negative and positive customer reviews, so that potential customers reading those reviews regard you as genuine and would therefore be more inclined to do business with you in the future.

Have you evaluated your website content lately? Ensure that your business name (the way the business is spelt, logo and fonts used) appears consistent on your website and other social media sites. When it comes to ranking of your business on search engines, besides ensuring presence on key social media outlets, publishing quality content on your website is as important as ever.  Understand what topics your target consumers would be interested in and publish content that is not only informational but also entertaining. Make sure that hyperlinks on your website (and social media) are pertinent to the information on that page; failing to do so can downgrade your site’s SEO ratings.

Do your website and social media sites carry outdated information? Wrong information serves a death knell for customer satisfaction. Nothing is more displeasing for a customer than to walk in to a store only to be told that the product is no longer in stock or that the promotional offer is no longer valid!

Here’s a look at the full infographic from Reachlocal:

Information clutter and inconsistency can result in your online marketing efforts going amiss. Ensure that reviewing online business content forms a regular aspect of your business operations. To start with give your website and social media accounts a spring makeover to keep them looking fresh and relevant for your customers!


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Rhea Gaur

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