Activity-Based Working (ABW) Encourages Worker Productivity

Monotonous cubicle jobs are a thing of the past, and activity-based working (ABW) is what has come to take its place. While focusing more on collaboration and adaptability, ABW allows employees an array of options to get the job done. While how your business incorporates ABW may vary, Staples Advantage suggests several options that can be applied to any workplace to increase office productivity.

One that many businesses overlook is furniture. While it may be more cost efficient to choose basic furniture, Staples Advantage suggests looking into ones that are more ergonomic, and encourage productivity and comfort while being movable and flexible. In a survey, Staples Advantage found that nearly fifty percent of workers believe they would be more productive with ergonomic furniture and natural lighting. Layout is another factor to be mindful of. Having various workstations, as well as natural lighting, allows for workers to be both active and productive, and natural lighting serves a second function as lowering costs. Finally, workers must have the right technology to allow them to be productive at the highest levels. The correct network solutions, laptops, tablets, and headsets, these things work to accommodate employees to work at their best.

Dan Lee, the National Design Manager for Business Interiors by Staples, says businesses, especially small ones, need to maximize their space. Mobile furniture can help them, as it allows for spontaneous brainstorm and collaboration sessions, and can be rearranged afterward to become a more traditional workplace. Having options is what will make the most out of any business, and treating your business like a constantly evolving space is what will pay off large dividends down the road.

The biggest thing a business can do to be successful is to ensure the comfort of its employees, and to provide a workspace that can encourage and facilitate collaboration, productivity, and flexibility. By paying attention to factors like furniture, layout, and technology, any business will be on the right track to becoming a force in their field.

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