Cascade Orthopedics Streamlines Commissions, Increases Sales and Saves Time With Cloud Based Solution

Cascade Orthopedics had a goal. The provider of orthopedic supplies to professionals around the country was growing quickly and needed a way to get its sales compensation management in order. When the company doubled its sales force through an acquisition, the need to organize its sales staff reached urgent levels.

Enter Xactly. A Cloud-based sales force management solution, Xactly automates the sales compensation process for businesses of all sizes. As Cascade Orthopedics explored Xactly’s solutions, it became clear that the software offered far more than simple sales compensation automation. Through using Xactly, Cascade Orthopedics was able to:

  • Increase its sales performance
  • Organize its sales behaviors to be more strategic
  • Accelerate adoption of Salesforce as its CRM
  • Operate with more efficient, less expensive, and scalable compensation management.

But it started with Xactly’s examination of Cascade Orthopedics’ current sales tracking process.

Before Xactly

To manage sales flow, the top staff at Cascade Orthopedics used SQL to run reports, which they then exported to Excel spreadsheets. Those spreadsheets were used to calculate each salesperson’s commissions monthly, requiring hours of administrative work. When Cascade Orthopedics had only four salespeople, that was a reasonable way to manage commissions calculations, but the sales team was growing.

Another problem with Cascade Orthopedics’ process was visibility. Sales team members were unable to see commissions until the day they saw their paychecks. The company knew that if there were a way for sales team members to keep track of their commissions throughout the month, it would be a great motivational tool.

“Essentially, with the old process, all our commissions calculations used to happen behind an impervious ‘curtain,’ making it extremely difficult for us to be strategic with compensation,” Cascade Orthopedic Supply’s business analyst James Mayfield says. “We want reps to be able to look behind the curtain to better understand what and why they were being paid.”

During Implementation

Cascade Orthopedics chose Xactly after determining that it met all of their business’s needs, including visibility, automation, and management reporting. The Cloud-based solution utilizes the proven incentive compensation solution provided by, allowing for easy adaptability for a staff that was accustomed to the interface. Xactly was deployed as a solution in the spring of 2011 and transition went very smoothly. Even better, positive results were immediate. The small orthopedics provider is now operating its compensation calculation process in a similar manner to much larger companies.

With Xactly

Using Xactly’s dashboard, Cascade Orthopedics’ staff can now keep track of their compensation throughout the month, letting them know where they are in reaching their monthly goals. This up-to-date tracking gives Xactly’s team members extra motivation on a daily basis.

Mayfield has found this increased visibility has boosted accountability from each sales team member. Instead of goals being set by management, he’s found that the sales team now sets its own goals and strives to achieve them. But one of the best things about Xactly is the time it has saved. The same top staff who once spent hours each month running reports, exporting them to Excel, and manually calculating compensation has now reduced that time to a few hours per year.

Xactly has streamlined Cascade Orthopedics’ sales compensation process, saving the company money on administrative tasks and motivating its sales force to be more in charge of their compensation. This more efficient, lower-cost method of operating its sales structure has made operations easier and more effective for Cascade Orthopedics, which is now positioned to increase its client base and beat the competition.

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