Citrix Launch New Video Conferencing Tools With GoToWebcast

California tech company Citrix has launched its latest video conferencing tool for businesses, GoToWebcast, which allows professionals to efficiently broadcast large scale events. The webcasting tool is available on subscription and gives the user access to unlimited live audio and video presentations as well as making the content available on demand.

GoToWebcast, which can reach an audience of up to 5,000, can be accessed on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. This is a key component of the tool, allowing for on-the-go events.

Setting up an eventis kept quite simple. The administrator simply has to set a date and the size of the audience, after that they’ll need to decide on whether they are broadcasting live or simply recording a notice or meeting to be streamed on demand for their clients, colleagues or whoever it may be.

“Audiences are becoming increasingly dispersed as a result of mobile workstyles,” says Bernardo de Albergaria, the VP and GM of SaaS Products & Markets for Citrix. “It’s becoming ever more important for organizations to find new and engaging ways to connect with geographically distributed audiences.”

He continued: “Video is proven to make meetings more productive and attendees more involved and attentive. The launch of GoToWebcast and addition of HDFaces to GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, alongside our award-winning GoToMeeting tool, gives users the widest range of options for connecting with a mass audience including customers, partners, employees and extended team members.”

Citrix previously released GoToMeeting with HDFaces in 2011 , a videoconferencing platform that allows for crystal clear webcam meetings with your colleagues. This was followed up by GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, where people working in the teaching or training professions also found use for the tool in further communicating with students.

The subscription-based GoToWebcast also leverages high definition video capabilities for a stunning visual for your meeting and has received many endorsements from different professionals.

Pamela Slim is an author, public speaker and business coach, who is a big advocate of Citrix’s development, commenting “The very best presenters make audience members feel like they are talking directly to them. With the new video capabilities in GoToWebcast this powerful, personal connection will be amplified. I can’t wait to use it for my webinars, live events and training sessions.”


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