Don’t Be Hacked Or Phished! 4 Tips To Avoid Cyberattacks

It’s easy to get phished. It’s really easy. You impulse click on the wrong link and that’s it. It’s ridiculously easy for the wrong people to get access to your sensitive information. You need constant vigilance to avoid it, but as we’ve covered before, there are a number of ways to plug every possible security hole you can.

So what are the holes in your system making your small business vulnerable? CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, was kind enough to send us a few tips to keep your business secure:

  • IPv6 Transition – The Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses and making a seamless transition to IPv6 is becoming more and more necessary – especially if you’re a small business. As an small business, it’s important for your company to be technologically current – utilize services that offer gateways for conversion to avoid any customer confusion or lack of access during the switch.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Although two-factor authentication may seem obvious, it’s a constant potential threat that consumers don’t always think about. The absolute minimum your small business should be doing to protect itself is turning on two-factor authentication whenever possible. It may not make your account invincible, but it adds an extra layer of necessary protection.
  • DDoS Attacks – Don’t let your small business get held hostage or lose business. Small businesses are vulnerable to spambots and malicious DDoS attacks just like high profile companies. Be aware and educate yourself on best practices to avoid attacks.
  • Phishing for Passwords – Still? Yes, phishing is still an all-too-common technique for hackers to steal your passwords, user names and other private information by sending fake emails posing as an organization. As a small business, be cautious of any suspicious communication via email or over the phone. And, never use the same password twice – vary your passwords by using numbers, capital letters and other symbols.
When it comes to viruses and malware, I completely stopped getting them and worrying about them when I got a Mac. But I’ve heard the latest versions of Windows are much better than XP was, and I understand most businesses run on PCs.
Let us know in the comments if you’ve been hacked or phished before, and how you dealt with it!
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