‘FindTheBest’ Becomes A One-Stop Decision Shop For Small Businesses

When looking into buying hardware, software or services for your business, often the sheer number of options is overwhelming. Which laptops are better for your business? What corporate credit card is the best fit for your employees? What is the cheapest all-in-one printer that still offers all the features you need? For many, each one of these questions would boil down to hours on the internet, running to the closest electronics store, and the pressure of wondering how to outfit your business.

FindTheBest.com is a comparison site that seeks to eliminate the stress involved with buying for your business. FindTheBest aggregates information from credible sources, such as CNET, PC World, PC Magazine, as well as copious amounts of user reviews to provide relevant,
personalized, unbiased information that helps small businesses easily make well-informed decisions.

Testing out the process, I chose to look for a budget laptop that will fit my budget for under $1000, with enough hard drive space for anything my employees may need and a long battery life. FindTheBest found 41 different options, which I then narrowed down by selecting screens larger than 15 inches. I’m then left with 22 options, one of them receiving a 97 “Smart Rating.” Upon clicking it, I can see comparative prices from various stores, user ratings, and reviews from credible websites.

And laptops are just the tip of the iceberg. FindTheBest delves into nearly anything you could need, from computer to tablets, to software and printers. And it doesn’t stop at business. FindTheBest can help you to choose a dog, college, resort, or motorcycle, and dozens of other things. Helpful in and out of the office, FindTheBest is a great one-stop-shop when looking for find just the right thing in your life. With comparison lists, “Best of” sections, buying guides, and blogs run by knowledgeable people, FindTheBest is easily one of the most comprehensive and hassle free websites to assist in your buying needs.

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Dimitri Jordan

Dimitri Jordan is a student working on a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a second in Ancient Studies. He is also a freelance writer, often concerned with concepts in technology and media.

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