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The other day, this year’s yellow pages phone book was delivered to my house. You know, that big, heavy book with a bunch of phone numbers in it? Well, that book went right back from whence it came. Into the recycling bin. It’s painful to say, but the phone book is an anachronism.

Phone book makers have rolled with the punches and provide the same services they always did, but online. See and As the yellow pages have innovated and evolved from dead tree books to meet the demands of a more technologically savvy populous, so must your business.

And from the people who brought us, we’ve got Hibu Business. The mobile website service for businesses will launch on May 9, and the concept is that from setup to completion, a fully optimized mobile site can be developed and managed by a third-party service, enabling businesses to reach local customers.

And here’s why a mobile website is a great idea and an often necessary idea these days:

Consumers research online, buy locally: While customers are increasingly researching products and services online, they still prefer to make purchases in store. Seventy-five percent of small business customers are within a 15-minute drive of the stores and services that they frequent.

Mobile battleground: Almost half of all Americans have a smartphone, but three-quarters (84 percent)of small business websites say they are not optimized for mobile.

Visibility on Multiple Channels: A majority (87%) of small businesses have not come around to using display ads and nearly all (90 percent) surveyed by Hibu stated that they don’t have access to email marketing.

Even if your shop is around the corner, often the first thing your customer is doing is Googling for the product or service they require. For more on the need for mobile websites, see our archives.

Do you have a mobile site solution you love? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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