GorillaDesk Simplifies CRM, Invoicing, and Scheduling For Service Businesses

When you’re looking at software to help with your business, you’re looking for a one-stop shop. Picking an application that does one thing, which you then have to daisy chain to some other application for the next task on the list is an inelegant solution to your business’s needs.

There are a number of general solutions that will apply to most businesses, like KickServ, which integrates with Quickbooks, has a calendar for appointments, sends invoices, and more. But a new app called GorillaDesk caters specifically to service businesses.

“I remember having to pay a hefty software licensing fee when starting my own pest control business,” says Chris Moreschi, founder of GorillaDesk. “I decided to scratch my own itch and build the application I wanted to run my service business and offer it an affordable price for the solo entrepreneur.”

His hybrid management app, tailored for small service companies, is focused on CRM, job scheduling, and invoicing. With 80% of all small service companies being a one man shop, GorillaDesk is focused on a simple solution for the solo service entrepreneur.

There’s a calendar that intelligently keeps appointments. Your job scheduling is integrated with invoicing so they can function together in the same system. You can automate emails for bills that are past due. Integrated maps work out your best route from job to job.

GorillaDesk costs $29/month for one person, $49/month for two people, all the way up to $149/month for a fleet.

KickServ lacks GorillaDesk’s route management, but it’s also cheaper for two employees (at $29/month vs. $49).

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What other solutions for service businesses are out there? What do you use? Let us know in the comments below!



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