Mobile Marketing: Find The Right Apps For Small Niche Markets

You know who your customer is, but reaching them is the issue. If they only knew about your product, they’d love it more than their family. Mobile marketing ad networks like MoPub and Google’s AdMob can get you out to a broad variety of people, and Infusionsoft’s Lifestyle Marketing Planner can help you figure out what you need to do to target your audience.

But truly targeting a small niche is still difficult, despite all the tools available. If your niche market is girls between the ages of 6 and 16, MobiGirl Media is for you. The ad network caters specifically, and only, to that demographic. The way it works is that the advertisements appear in apps that are made for girls, like My Pony Girls or Doodle Text. MobiGirl Media is the only mobile ad network devoted exclusively to girls between the ages of 6-16, and it’s quite a clever idea.

Apps allow for a tremendous amount of targeting. With many apps, it’s very easy to see the kind of person who would use it. You can get a good idea of which apps have users that would gel with your brand or be interested in your product.

Another example of a very niche ad network is The Deck, which caters exclusively to web, design and creative professionals. What’s interesting about this ad network is that they say they are very picky about who they do business with. “We won’t take an ad unless we have paid for and/or used the product or service,” they say on their website. “Sell us something relevant to our audience and we’ll sell you an ad.”

There are a lot of options out there, and if you want to get a more thorough education on mobile marketing, you should take a look at a new, free mobile course from New York University that educates users about how to do mobile marketing right.

Below, we have some additional details on MobiGirl and the Deck.

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MobiGirl Prices and Features

Rates run from $5 per month to $395 per month per app with no minimums!

Advertisers can:
• Choose exactly which app(s) your ad will be seen.
• Every app has been pre-screened for quality and girl appeal.
• Your ads can be saved and shared by girls for added exposure.
• Easy self-serve checkout process.
• Interactive dashboard to track stats.
• We offer custom design services at a competitive rate.
• 24 hour customer service.

Developers can:
• Control what ads are shown on your app.
• Set the price and number of ad slots.
• Receive 65% of the revenue.
• Every ad has been pre-screened for quality and girl appeal.
• Join the app-to-app ad exchange and get thousands of users for free.
• Run house ads.
• Easy to install SDK.
• 24 hour technical support.
• MobiGirl Media is COPPA compliant.

The Deck Prices and Features

The current rate for ads is $8900 USD per slot per month.

The Deck sells ads a little differently than most. According to their website, “there are only thirty-three advertising slots available each month for the entire Deck. Only a single ad will be shown for each page viewed. In essence, buying a month on The Deck gives you an exclusive showing on three percent of all the pages viewed for that month across all fifty-two sites and services. And there won’t be Google or other third-party ads diluting your exposure. The Deck ad is the only ad on the page.”


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