Ramon’s 4 Social Media Success Tips: Be Frequent, Relevant, Engaged and Measured

Yesterday I was contacted by a reporter from a major media company, to contribute to a story. (Want to watch some of my advice on social media success? Scroll below to see the video for you)

This is not the first time I’ve been contacted by a  journalist online – but most of the time I’m called directly or emailed. But this was the first time I was contacted by “major media” through Twitter. It was pretty exciting.

It got me thinking – why did this happen?

Well it happened for a few simple reasons, I shared these reasons in a recent Manhattan Chamber of Commerce presentation I recently gave at TD Bank (the slide is below).

  1. You must be frequent on social media. Just posting to Google Plus is not enough.
  2. You must be relevant. Do you think that people give a darn about your cat or your kids? No. Tweet about what YOUR AUDIENCE is interested in.
  3. You must be engaging. “Social” media is all about social, all about sharing with others. People share what’s interesting to them.
  4. You must measure. You must measure what you do on social media so you know what works and what does not work. Maybe Facebook is not for you? Maybe it’s Google Plus. Maybe Twitter is indeed better for you, instead of LinkedIn. You won’t know this unless you measure what you are doing.

A bit more about measurement: Below is a screen shot of Dlvr.it a social media management tool we use to post on social media abut also to MEASURE what posts are most engaging and what networks are most active. You can also use the measurement tools of Facebook (Facebook.com/insights) and the emerging analtyics tools of the other social networks to see what posts are gaining traction – or not.

Interested in Facebook marketing? Do read my best seller, “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing

Finally, remember that social media alone is NOT enough. You must ensure your DRIVE your social media traffic to something that can lead to a sale or at least lead to further marketing to interesting prospective customers or to get your current customers to buy more. This is where CRM comes in. There’s a lot of great CRM tools on the market – one of the best for marketing campaigns is Infusionsoft (my employer).

Gary Vaynerchuck is famous for saying “what’s the ROI of your mother” to clients who ask him over and over again if social media is really that important and how to measure the ROI. He’s right – in a way. But when you add CRM to social media – the ROI and knowing what works is much more clear!

Watch the video I did for you about social media success and the reporter contacting me below. (Doesn’t work – go here here – http://youtu.be/fWIL-rtXvCQ )

Facebook for Business (with a Twist of social media 101) presentation

5 thoughts on “Ramon’s 4 Social Media Success Tips: Be Frequent, Relevant, Engaged and Measured

  1. Carolyn Crummey

    All too often I have clients complain about their social media efforts and then I look and there is NOTHING!! You can’t get ‘something’ from ‘nothing’! Social media has to have a strategy and plan…you can’t just put it out there and expect it to work otherwise!

  2. Wayne Liew

    Most “social media campaigns” are about building the number of likes, fans or followers. Yes, these metrics may be important at the start but once the base is there, the focus for new campaigns should be about advanced measurement metrics such as engagement and even ROI.

    Focusing on the wrong metrics will lead to an action similar to getting new page likes for an e-commerce store with a page post ad with a smiling cat and this will not help your business. 😛

    • Ramon Ray

      Wayne you are so right, thanks so much

      Ramon Ray , smallbiztechnology.com

      sent from my cell phone (hopefully not while driving or with my family)


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