Technology Helps With The Work-Life Balance Of Small Business Owners. Are You Missing Out? (Infographic)

You’re in a stressful business that takes up a lot of your time. A new survey conducted by Carbonite and Wakefield Research has found that while small office/home office business owners make big sacrifices for work, they aren’t taking advantage of the resources available to them and having a hard time with the work-life balance!

Business owners forfeit about five personal commitments per month – such as a child’s recital, working out or happy hour – and 56 percent regularly skip events to finish projects. However, only one in five makes the most of cloud-based business resources, which can solve a variety of work-life balance struggles.

  • Nearly half (45 percent) have lost data or documents because a family member used their work computer.
  • 41 percent have told a white lie after experiencing a technical glitch (actual responses below):
  • 20 percent have blamed it on a computer or internet crash/malfunction. “I told my client my computer blew up!”
  • 11 percent blamed someone else. “I told the client that an intern ruined their document.” “My kids took the presentation to school for show and tell.”
  • 9 percent have blamed an illness, emergency or accident. “Our project was lost in a carrier jet that went down over the Pacific Ocean.” “Mother-in-law died.”
  • A majority (78 percent) hide when at home to get their work done, finding safe haven in the bedroom (45 percent), with the bathroom and garage (12 and 13 percent respectively) also serving as office outposts.
Check out the infographic below or click here.

There is hope: 97 percent of small business owners say using the cloud benefits their business, yet 79 percent aren’t taking full advantage. Seems like you can gain a little more family time when you make good use of technology! For the ten best productivity apps around, check out our archives!



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