Three Consumer Trends In The Mobile Space You Need To Know About

If you haven’t made a mobile website yet, you’re probably still asking yourself whether you should. Considering how the smartphone has penetrated considerably into the consumer market, you now are confronted with a new arena to compete in. But how competitive is the mobile space, really?

Hibu business, a provider of a variety of online services such as online stores and email marketing, has found some trends in consumer behaviors on mobile devices. I’ll take each one apart and discuss it:

  • Consumers research online and buy locally. After people finish searching for the best smartphone, TV, or child’s toy, seventy-five percent of these people will go to a local place to buy the product anyway. Making a mobile presence is essential here, since you could attract many local people to come to your store after they’ve found you. A mobile app is especially useful, since you can give people directions to your place of business from where they currently are. Location-based services can help make your business look smarter and more modern than your competition.
  • Mobile Battleground. What hibu means by this is that half of all Americans own smartphones, but three quarters of businesses don’t even have mobile-optimized sites. This reflects poorly on businesses and drives people to hit the “back” button on their phones to find another site that is a bit easier on the eyes. The need to zoom in and scroll all over the place can be especially daunting for someone in a hurry!
  • Visibility on multiple channels. Here, hibu points to the fact that 87 percent of small businesses do not use display ads on their sites and 90 percent also said that they don’t utilize email marketing. This is a huge opportunity for you, especially considering the amount of mobile devices hooked up to push/IMAP email accounts. Get ads on your site (also get them on your mobile site) and use solutions like hibu or VerticalResponse to get your marketing done!

Is mobile competitive? It surely is! Are businesses taking advantage of it? Only the big ones are. It’s time to do this yourself. Don’t allow your business to fall behind the competition. Getting into the mobile arena may seem like a risky investment, but it’s a very small one that doesn’t require a lot of commitment. What are you waiting for?

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Miguel Leiva-Gomez is the owner of The Tech Guy, a blog that presents futuristic and current news about technology with a light touch of humor, catering to the average consumer and prospective investor. Miguel has been working with computers and gadgets for more than a decade, working together with people to help them solve their problems and breaking down complex concepts into simple bite-sized pieces that the average Joe can chew.

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