Trying To Track Billable Time Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare! Here Are 3 Applications That Can Help

If you are one of the few who provide services in an environment where you have to manage and track billable time, you’re probably spending time after hours to make sure that all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Not only does tracking phone calls and computer activity throughout the day really cut in to your leisure time, but it also doesn’t give you a full picture of where your time went.

You probably have a very harsh schedule, working hours on end and, at the same time, keeping your clients happy. How in the world are you going to pull out of this loop?

You already know the good, the bad, and the ugly about your own work day. What you need now is a way to track all of that activity so you can properly bill your clients. Where do you find this software?

We found three:

  • Chrometa – This is one very efficient piece of software that keeps track of every application you open and work with. It promises to increase your billable time by an average of 20 percent (or more). Their interface neatly outlines every activity you do and every application you use. It shows when you sent emails, how much time you’ve been using your browser, and many other details that could help you ultimately keep a strong eye on yourself. Their most basic plan (for one device) is $19 per month, and it gives you two weeks of data (in other words, the data goes back that much time).
  • RescueTime – This application not only shows you where your time was spent productively, but also shows you how much leisurely activity you’ve been engaging in. It lets you know where you’ve been unproductive so you can work on that. They have a “lite” version that’s free, but limited in its feature set. Features in the professional version ($6/mo) include alerts for when you spend too much time on a distracting website and the ability to block such sites.
  • TimeDoctor – The TimeDoctor is here to cure your problems! Although it doesn’t directly state that it’s a software for tracking your billable hours, it seems to do the job very well according to customer reviews around the web. TimeDoctor has similar features to RescueTime, but costs $5 per month for a solo (one-user) plan. Lastly, there’s also a free plan that limits features.

All of these applications are splendid, have solid interfaces and get the job done. Each one has a trial or free period, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying them out. It’s time to drop the time sheets and stopwatches and take your operation into the digital age!

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