Two Great Resources For Those Starting A Small Business

Running a business takes a lot of know how. Starting a business without that know how makes the first few years a rocky road. Luckily, there are several great resources online that can help you make fewer mistakes than those that came before you.

A newly launched resource comes to us from MOO, the makers of some of the best business cards you can get. (Check out our list of the best in online printing services.) MOO’s Startup Business Toolkit is a collection of tools, articles and resources for small businesses, start ups and entrepreneurs, that will be regularly updated over the coming months.

They’ll be adding articles written by carefully sourced experts, entrepreneurs, startup founders and people at MOO itself, filled with educational tips on starting and maintaining a successful business. Right now, they have a look at the benefits of being your own boss, a flow chart to help you evaluate your business idea, and tips on making the switch from freelancer to founder.

We recently covered another fantastic resource from SCORE. It’s a small business success podcast, answering burning questions many business owners have. SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. They deliver their services at no charge.

Their podcast covers the following topics:

  • How Can I Convert Leads Into Buyers? (Sales)
  • Understanding Finance/Accounting – Value of Inventories, Critical Numbers & Reports, Metrics
  • Leading People/HR
  • How Can I Get Found on the Internet? (Websites/SEO)
  • Getting the Most Out of Social Media

So if you’re starting a business, definitely check out those resources, and keep checking back on for a lot more great content.

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