3 ‘Neat’ Apps That Digitally Store Your Expense Receipts

Earlier this month we talked about cloud based accounting apps to help small business manage their books.  Drilling down further, here are some useful applications that offer a digital solution for managing paper based expense receipts. With these apps businesses and their employees can store physical expense receipts digitally in one place. These receipt management apps offer the following main advantages:

  • You will no longer have to keep track of a box full of business expense receipts or risk losing a receipt amidst heaps of paper
  • You can  do away with paper expense claims by your employees
  • These apps are a time saver as you will no longer have to manually search for or consolidate information on your business expenses

Here are your some great options:

American Express’ Receipt Match: This is a free app for all American Express Business card holders.  To feed in the receipt, all you need to do is either login to your Amex online account and upload the receipts or simply email the details of the receipt to a given address. You can also take a photo of the receipt from your mobile (a feature that comes quite handy when you are on the move) and submit the image via Receipt Match mobile app. The software matches your physical receipts with transaction details that appear on the credit card statement and displays the information online. You can also add notes to each matched expense, view matched and unmatched receipts in one place, and download the information in a report format.

Shoeboxed.com: This is the complete document management app for all your business documents, business cards and receipts.  For as little as $10 a month, you can mail receipts to shoeboxed.com in their secure postage paid envelope or use the web uploader or  send them receipt images using the free mobile app iPhone and Android (the free app offers limited image uploads). They will scan and upload all your receipts in a usable format that can be accessed on your online shoeboxed account.  Here’s the best part – all information is verified by human operators to ensure accuracy and the files are downloadable in a variety of formats including excel and pdf.

Neat Receipt: The neat receipt (costs $179.95) comes with an easy to use portable scanner which scans all your receipts and auto populates the information under various headers. All the stored information can be easily accessed via key word search, exported to customized report formats, shared via outlook, and uploaded onto your Quickbooks software.

If your business is inundated with managing expense receipts, then these apps are definitely worth your consideration.

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Rhea Gaur

Based in India, Rhea Gaur is a former banking professional having worked over 14 years with global organizations such as Standard Chartered Bank and ABN AMRO Bank N.V. She has extensive experience across various facets of business such as service quality, market research, process development and corporate communications. She is currently working as a freelance writer with special interest in topics related to business and economics.

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