3 Cool Smartphone Cases That Also Double Your Battery Life

The built-in battery life on our smartphones often isn’t long enough to last a full business day, especially one as long and as busy as your average tech savvy small business owner. You’ve got business apps to use and calls to make, so you need to augment that internal battery with an external one.

There are a number of fantastic cases that extend your phone’s battery life. Let’s take a look a some of your options:

Mophie Juice Pack

This is a known commodity. They’re known for quality, attractive cases that will double your battery life on various iPhone models and a variety of Android phones. Right now, you can get a Mophie Juice Pack for your iPhone 5 from $80. Their $120 model will give you a 120% boost, which is really impressive, giving you ten hours of talk time or internet time. That’ll get you through the longest days, or maybe even the weekend.

Maxboost Fusion

This $70 case snaps onto your iPhone in a… snap. In addition to iPhone 4, 4s and 5 cases, they also make some for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The case doubles your battery life for up to eight hours of talk or internet time. Maxboost offers ten different color options for the fashion-conscious among you.


This case also doubles the battery life of you iPhone or Android phone, but the difference with this particular case is that you don’t plug it in to charge it. With the above two cases, you have to plug in your USB into the bottom. With a Magnetyze case on your phone and a Magnetyze dock on your desk, you just put your phone down in its dock and it charges. The case and the dock connect and charge magnetically, which is pretty cool, though it’s ultimately just a gimmick, isn’t it? I’m not sure how much time it really saves you to be able to avoid having to plug a cord in. It’s up to you to decide if the few seconds of saved time and the cool factor make this case worth $100.

Do you have a case that beats these three on functionality or price? Let us know about it in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “3 Cool Smartphone Cases That Also Double Your Battery Life

  1. rarchimedes

    I have been using a Phonesuit for over a year. Here is the spec:

    Model No: PS-MICRO2-C

    Model Name: PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger for iPhone & iPod

    Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh

    DC OUT: 5V @ 1A

    Size: L 7.3 x W 2.1 x H 2.1 cm

    Weight: 79 g / 2.78 oz

    Talk: Up to 18 hours talk time

    Video: Up to 22 hours video time

    Music: Up to 90 hours music time

  2. Angel Hutchence

    Is the ability to charge without an outlet just a gimmick? No. Since last weeks’ 18 hour power outage in my San Francisco neighborhood, I’ve been actively seeking an alternative method to charge my phone; like Magnetyze. Living in CA with our many “overdue” fault lines, the ability to charge something like a phone or light source in advance, long term and/or via an alt source is a major bonus and potential life saver. That charging sans outlet was conceived as a time saver never occurred to me. LOL! This outage was A HUGE wake up call (no pun intended), for me, my neighbors and our nearby businesses; so many they turn balloon maps into one big red blob of stacks. The realization of just how many Emergency Kit type staples we’ve replaced/upgraded – things that used to have a 8 D battery option – or that have simply merged with our phones and laptops was staggering. Not ONE person I spoke with had a land line; so those unable to get out of the area couldn’t so much as find out what happened or when the power might come back on, call for help, etc.. You can imagine the plethora of potential problems beyond that. And you can’t light a match after an earthquake (gas main leaks), Nice site, btw. My first visit.


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