5 Tips for Creating an Online Bio That Makes You Shine

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve likely spent a great deal of time developing and maintaining a website for your business. But your own online reputation is just as important as your business’s reputation, playing an important part in whether or not clients choose to do business with you.

Creating an online bio isn’t as simple as typing a few words into your business’s “About Us” section. A business owner’s bio should be professional, informative, and, most importantly, search engine-friendly. When a client, colleague, or potential customer searches for more information on the leadership of your business, the professionalism of the content he or she finds will likely make or break your future with that searcher.

Creating a bio that sufficiently expresses your level of expertise and talent is a matter of following a few simple tips.

  • Buy your domain name. Whether you link it to the bio on your business site or you create your own, having a bio under yourname.com will help ensure it appears first in search results. This puts you in control of the information others see about you.
  • Use a personal web hosting service. About.me is a great way for professionals without a website to build an online presence. Now with the ability to link to a domain, About.me lets users link social media sites and any other sites relevant to individuals. About.me creates a one-page profile for a professional, along with a background of the user’s choosing. It’s a great way for a young professional to increase exposure.
  • Put the most important information first. While we all like to believe visitors will read ten paragraphs of text about us, many will simply read the first paragraph or two and move on. State what you do in the first sentence, summing it up in just a couple of words. “Portrait photographer or “real estate developer” convey who you are without forcing readers to browse through 500 words or more to get there.
  • Use third person. Your bio should sound as though it were written by someone else. It may feel awkward to write about yourself in third person, but it reads more naturally. If writing about yourself feels too awkward, this may be one task you delegate to a trusted staff member or freelancer. A third party can often write more objectively about you than you can.
  • Regularly update it. A long-dormant online bio is worse than any bio at all. You should regularly revisit your online bio, adding any new accomplishments. By always keeping your bio updated, when someone requests a bio, you’ll only need to direct them to that website.

For business owners, building a personal brand for themselves is just as important as branding a business. Through the above tips, you can not only provide an easy-to-read, up-to-date bio, but you’ll ensure it features prominently in search results.

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Stephanie Faris

Stephanie is a freelance writer and young adult/middle grade novelist, who worked in information systems for more than a decade. Her first book, 30 Days of No Gossip, will be released by Simon and Schuster in spring 2014. She lives in Nashville with her husband.

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