Bye, Bye Telecommuting: 5 Tips on Reentering The Workplace and 12 Tips on Making It Productive, Pleasurable and Professional

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made the return of teleworkers to the office a hot topic of coverage. We’ve covered it here at Smallbiztechnology and shared our thoughts on the Telecommuting Debate Pro’s and Con’s and shared tips on how you teleworkers can succeed outside of the corporate office.  Ultimately, though, we are seeing that workers are being called back into the office, which can be a tough transition, not only for those returning, but for the workers already there.

Rosalinda Randall, a modern day etiquette and civility expert, and owner of Your Relationship Edge, shares the following tips on how to ease back into the office environment and do so while remaining productive and professional.


Rosalinda Randall, Etiquette and Civility Expert – Your Relationship Edge

Reentering to the Workplace: Adjusting Your Attitude, Attire, and Agenda


Returning to the workplace after having worked from home is not only an adjustment for you, but also for your co-workers.

Undoubtedly, there will be one or two of your co-workers who may exhibit a peevish disposition when they are around you.  How can you win them over?

Here are 5 Ways to Make Amends with Resentful Co-Workers:

1)    Ask them for their opinion or assistance relating to work.

2)    Greet them every day.

3)    Smile or nod when you pass them in the hall.

4)    Invite them for coffee or lunch.  Focus the conversation on them.

5)    Most of all, give them time to get over it.

It is up to you to reenter and reestablish relationships with grace, patience, and effort.  Expect a period of adjustment and consider their standpoint:

  • They aren’t used to having to listen to your opinions or comments throughout the day.
  • They may resent you for having been away, not carrying your weight, not attending the endless meetings that they had to endure; perhaps being set up with a newer computer and office furniture, or simply having to make room for you.
  • They may reply curtly to questions that seem obvious to them.
  • They may forget to invite you to lunch or for drinks after work.
  •  They may become annoyed when you describe the perks of a day in the life of working from home.
  • They may not cut you any slack.

12 Tips to Make Your Comeback Productive, Pleasurable, and Professional

  1. Don’t bring your, “this is how I’ve been doing it” attitude.
  2. Keep in mind that you are no longer on your own schedule.
  3. Your actions and style affect those around you.
  4. Your attire should match your co-workers’ attire.
  5. Your priority should be to meet with each of your colleagues to re-engage.
  6. If you aren’t sure about something, ask.
  7. Listen.  Your colleagues can be invaluable in filling you in about rules, protocol, and changes. Follow suit.
  8. If you have brilliant ideas for change, wait a month or so before you present them.
  9. You aren’t a guest; get up and get it yourself.  Don’t act helpless.
  10. Don’t whine about how bad traffic is, how much it’s costing you in gas to drive into work, your clothing bill, how you miss watching “The Talk”, or getting a load of laundry done.
  11. Don’t submit a request for “time off” unless it is an emergency.
  12. Bring in some donuts or a few pizzas for everyone.

If after a month or so, you are still experiencing discourteous communication or an uncooperative reaction from someone, it would be advisable to seek counsel from your superior.

In closing, delight in the fact that you are employed and that you had the privilege to work from home, all be it terminated.


Rosalinda Randall is a modern-day expert on etiquette and civility. By lending personality and humor to an age-old topic, Rosalinda has been successfully improving workplace environments, relationships, spreading civility and sharing enthusiastic and insightful etiquette advice for more than 14 years. Some of Rosalinda’s audience and clients include business executives, sales professionals, customer service and administrative professionals, civic groups, teens and children, and formerly incarcerated men and women.
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