Finally! Analytics That Show How Mobile Users Interact With Your Website

There are a number of website analytics companies that offer more complete information on what users are doing on your website. You can get heat maps that show where people are clicking and you can see how far down people scroll on your site. It’s a lot more information than free options like Google Analytics (see our Google Analytics 101 article) offer.

CrazyEgg, Mouseflow and ClickTale all offer these features for desktop browsing, but getting a lot of the relevant data from mobile users on iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices has not been an option until now.

ClickTale has recently pulled their mobile solution out of beta and is making it widely available. With online consumers increasingly gravitating towards smartphone and tablet devices of various sizes, retailers have very little insight into how – or even if — mobile visitors display different behaviors than traditional desktop and laptop users. ClickTale Touch is an SaaS solution that allows businesses to view all actions made by mobile device users on their websites, including every tap, double tap, scroll, tilt and pinch on the touch interface.

It looks like no other company is offering this level of mobile analytics.

The unique session playback feature simulates gestures, zoom capabilities, scrolls and tilts, replicating every interaction with your mobile site. The playable videos of user sessions are viewed on a screen that imitates the actual size of each device, giving you the true-to-life experience of individual visitors.

“Visualizing user behavior inside the page has proven invaluable for perfecting Web usability, but the mobile Web requires a fresh approach — not only because it involves devices of various form factors, operating systems and input methods, but because mobile customers are much less forgiving of poor usability than traditional e-customers,” said Dr. Tal Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of ClickTale.

Let us know in the comments what you think! What analytic service do you use?


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