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Successful business owners will tell you that running a business takes more than just blood, sweat and tears. It takes the assistance of other vendors and business products to handle the peripheral tasks to ensure the success of a business. Business owners cannot succeed working in a silo, but by seeking the resources of competent outsourcing services. The key is in finding these reputable businesses that can help. Docstoc, an online resource that provides tools for starting and running a small business, believes it can help businesses find the best vendors and products for their companies with its recent launch of ExpertCircle.  ExpertCircle provides vendor and product reviews across a spectrum of industries to take the guesswork, and the recommendations of friends, out of the picture.

Here’s how ExpertCircle works. The business owner registers for free at and creates a business profile including selection of business category and industry.  Then, the owner can select information about a particular product or vendor or simply state a need such as, “What is the best payroll outsourcing company to use?”  Docstock uses it’s already registered 35 million users to comment and provide pros and cons of a particular product or vendor as well as allows a link-up to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for even more peer reviews.

The system provides a two-way review where you too can review products and comment on vendor services and either endorse or critique them.  The platform is helpful for entrepreneurs and business owners because of its simplicity.  For example, under the category of Home Business, you will find reviews on accounting software, blogging tools, CRM, logo makers, time management tools, and website design.  For the small business, the benefits of ExpertCircle include:

  • Reviews of products and services from peers in your industry
  • Ability to submit products for review from ExpertCircle community
  • Save time researching a particular product
  • Learn what your competition is using
  • Leverage your business community on both LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Provides “you might also be interested in” reviews

While not a cure-all for finding the best products and services for your business, it is another tool you can add to your arsenal to save hours of research time— especially if you are on the fence about a particular product.


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Johnny Duncan

Johnny Duncan is a business writer with a passion for helping businesses succeed with words that win. Johnny has a MA in Human Resources Management, is PHR certified, and has coached business leaders and trained their team members in customer service, employee relations, and other people-side-of-business issues.

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