New Tool Lets You Build A Website In Seconds From Your Facebook Page

For those looking for an easy way to build a website and have it populated in seconds, a new startup called Page2Site has got an interesting approach. It works like this:

1. Do you have a Facebook page?

2. Click one button and you have a website that updates when you update your Facebook page.

Basically, it takes the stuff that’s on your Facebook page and ports it over to a regular website. It’s a website generator. You choose a template, Page2Site grabs the content from Facebook, and fills your website with that content.

You can also connect your Page2Site site with Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. Any time you update any of those services, your Page2Site website will update as well. Creating a site is free, and you can get extras (own domain, online store, etc.) for between $5/month and $30/month, depending on your needs.

I haven’t heard of another company doing precisely this kind of thing and I think it could work for people who want a “set it and forget it” website solution. It’s definitely easier to update a Facebook page than a website, if you have no familiarity with HTML, CSS, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and the rest. It’s not a solution for everyone, though. Obviously, it’s never going to be as good, or as useful, as many of those other solutions and platforms, but if you need a quick and dirty website for your business, this could work for you.

There are a lot of easy website builders out there, like Auto Build It Website Creator, which purports to have you up and running within five minutes, with a fully customized website, ready for sales. 90 Second Website Builder says that with their drag and drop system (like Geocities?) you can have your website up in 90 seconds.

Check out our look at the leading website platforms.

Let us know in the comments if there are other companies like this! And tell us what you think of these super quick solutions to website building!


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