Post Planner: It’s Like Having An On-Demand Facebook Marketing Team

Are you running a Facebook page for your brand? Need some help with content curation and time management? Take a peek at Post Planner! It’s like having an on-demand Facebook marketing team!

Post Planner features a growing content library to help find content on many subjects to post, status ideas and questions to share with your audience.  Once you’ve got the content, there is a scheduling tool that allows you to stagger posts and post in different time zones.  Analytic tools allow you to target your audience and provides analytics that help you better engage with your audience!  Basically, it’s the whole package!

Having engaging, interesting content to keep your customers coming back to your Facebook page and ‘liking’ your status is important, because customers don’t just want to be sold to. So when you don’t have statuses specifically pertaining to your business, like asking your customers about how you can make improvements to your business, or sharing information about upcoming products, you can make use of Post Planner’s status ideas.

Let’s take a look at some:

They have a lot of different kinds of ideas in categories like Engaging, Branding, Entertainment and Seasonal. It looks like a pretty novel idea and a handy tool if you’ve got your hands full with your Facebook page(s) and want to have new content added on the regular. They also offer a post scheduler so you can set things for the best traffic times. Are there other companies like this out there? I found a website of free Facebook status ideas, but it is not specifically geared toward businesses.

Post Planner refers to their service as like having a social media team on demand. It promises to save you two hours a day. You can try them out for free for a month, then their plans start at $19/month.

For more on building a brand through social media, check out our archives! And don’t forget about Ramon Ray’s book, The Facebook Guide To Small Business Marketing, for more on how to manage and use Facebook.

Let us know how you curate your Facebook brand pages in the comments below!

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