Start-Up Tibbr Creates A Team Collaboration Platform With the Feel Of A Social Network

When you’re working in a small team, e-mail is a “good enough” platform for your collaboration needs. When your teams grows a bit, you start to look for some more specialized tools and Tibbr is one of them.

Tibbr is basically a social networking platform designed for your business and its internal needs to collaborate and communicate. It brings people, applications and actions together—on your desktop, smartphone or tablet—so work gets done faster.

Launched in January 2011, Tibbr grew pretty quickly and now serves more than a one million (paid) users in over 100 countries, providing companies and teams with its great collaborative capabilities. This enterprise social platform was founded within TIBCO Software Inc. in Silicon Valley and currently is lead by Ram Menon and Sriram Chakravarthy.

At a first glance, Tibbr looks like a social network and that makes it easy to use, however, the back-end is a completely different story. Since TIBCO Software is all about infrastructure software, Tibbr holds a lot of power under its hood which makes it a really resourceful tool for your company. And TIBCO is aware that cloud solutions might not be acceptable by everyone, so there’s the option to install Tibbr within your system.

Check out tibbr Mobile Apps Set the Pace for Enterprise Social Networks video below.

Collaboration is an awesome thing to have supported by some software solution, but since there are many collaboration tools out there, Tibbr knew that it had to differentiate from the crowd – and that’s why your company will have a real-time insight on everything related to it – you want to know more about stuff that is influencing you? No problem for Tibbr.

In September 2012, Tibbr also added some new features: social graph, API, integrations with some cloud services (e.g. Box) and more – everything goes under the name of Tibbr 4. With Box integrated, you can access most of your Box functions witihin the Tibbr itself which is a step closer to creating a centralized soltuion for your needs in running a business.

Tibbr is also available for your iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices!

If you’re looking for a new (or your first?) collaboration tool, Tibbr might be just what you need.

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