Tablet Based Point Of Sale (POS) Systems: Two Options That Take Your Business To The Next Level

Is your business still using Point of Sale (POS) cash registers? Is your restaurant still taking customer credit or debit cards from them to the register, then bringing them back? Are you still using flint and stone to start your caveman fires? Sorry, guys. It’s time to join the tech-savvy public and do something that not only serves your purposes as a business, but also engages your customers and gives you a much better chance of them revisiting your store.

Technology is something of a fickle beast, in that if you blink there will be some new toy out on the market that seems awfully gee-whiz amazing, but doesn’t have much of a track record. However, POS tablets do not have that issue; carrying around a portable, lightweight device from which you can check out customers or show them product demos is the way to go these days. Not only will you grab your customers attention, but with everyone pretty much toting around a smart phone these days, it’s important to keep up with the tech-lovers out there.

What kinds of tablets can help you, you may ask? There are some that are not pre-built for businesses, and some that are. It really depends on what you want, so here’s a few things to get your creative thoughts going:

The LeafPresenter. Leaf  is a company with a rep for building small-business-friendly technology. Their LeafPresenter is a $50-per-month technological wonder that can be optimized for your business – whether that’s retail, restaurant, or what have you. Turn checkouts into mobile experiences, let customers give you instant feedback if they so choose. The LeafPresenter allows you to accept payments via your customers choice of processor or next-generation payment methods such as PayPal, LevelUp and other mobile
wallets. The new LeafPresenter also makes Near Field Communication (NFC), Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) and gift card support standard features. This reinforces the company’s open approach to payment acceptance, which gives businesses the freedom to accept new forms of payment and work with the traditional payment provider of their choice, all from one device.

Koupah. Utilizing Social Passport, Koupah is another tablet-based POS system, which takes things a bit further by tracking customers and keeping a record of their spending habits in order to generate specific advertisements for them that can print on their receipts. Koupah’s cost is…well, they’re actually free (three per merchant, actually). This includes the terminal, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer. They also provide free tech support and maintenance. Well, okay, it’s not really free – they charge three cents per transaction and 2.69% per credit card transaction.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but these are some of the bigger players. There’s plenty more where that came from, so go on and dive in to see what works for you. If you want to see more about POS for your business, check out our archives for more articles.


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Michael Eckenfels

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