Take Customer Service To The Next Level By Adding Live Chat To Your Website

Live chat support on your website gets you closer to your customers. Let’s say your customer wants to buy a product, but they have a question that isn’t answered on your website. The customer then has to find an email address on the site and email you, perhaps from an entirely separate site. Or they’ll have to actually pick up a phone and call you, again, taking them away from your site.

You don’t want that customer to leave. You want a self-contained experience. You want to keep your customer on your website. You don’t want an opportunity for them to forget about your site or to decide it’s not worth the effort to email you a question. Every question and every click between your customers and your product should be absolutely necessary. Anything that slows the process is a hindrance.

Thus, the major benefit of live chat support is that it allows your customers to have their questions answered fast. Where in the past, you might have lost customers because they either didn’t put in the effort to email, or you took a day or so to respond and the customer ended up going with a competing product, live chat allows you to keep those customers.

Other benefits include productivity and an expense decrease. When you have customers calling, you can only deal with one customer at a time. On live chat, you can pretty safely deal with three customers at a time.

Here are three options to consider if you are thinking about adding live chat to your website:

OfferchatOfferchat is 100% free all the time. They charge only if you are outsourcing to their agents. If you’re using your own, you’re good to go. There are no downloads or software and you can manage chats coming in from multiple websites on one web platform. Offerchat also allows you to store common (long) answers to FAQs for quick access later instead of typing them every single time.

Zopim. Zopim, one of the best recommended live chat service providers, also offers a free service. It allows for one agent and one conversation at a time. It also provides smart offline modes for when you go offline and the ability to email chat transcripts. With Zopim, you also receive real-time visitor information as well as automatic translation, which translates chat into your native language.

Jitbit. One of the newer players in the category, Jitbit now offers a cloud-based chat program that can be easily integrated into your website. With features such as desktop notification and sound alert,  Jitbit offers a 21-day free trial on their live chat service here, so you can check out how their service works for your company.

If you are ready to take the leap and add live chat to your business, you’ll also want to check out our six tips for adding live chat to your website.

Do you use live chat? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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Vincenzo Ravina is a writer, journalist and giraffe enthusiast from Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can learn more at his website, http://VincenzoRavina.com, or follow him on Twitter at @RavinaSBT.

6 thoughts on “Take Customer Service To The Next Level By Adding Live Chat To Your Website

  1. Jeniffer Maben

    Great insight of benefits of live chat. Today live chat tool is the most recommended way of customer communication. When you digg on the web for live chat tool, you will get dozens of live chat tools, like Live2Support, Zopim, offerchat etc.

    • Ramon Ray

      Hey Jennifer thanks so much. Live chat is indeed pretty neat. I use it sometimes with some retailers for some things

      sent from my phone

      Ramon Ray
      Editor and Technology Evangelist

      • Jeniffer Maben

        Hi Ramon,

        Thanks for your reply. You are an Editor, You can help people to select most appropriate live chat agent for business.

  2. Rahul Patel

    Live chat is a necessity for online businesses as the web user base is growing exponentially. ClickDesk should have been in the list. Not only live chat but it also comes with voice chat, helpdesk and social tool bar. Check it out before you settle for less.

  3. Zane Pinnock

    No doubt, Zopim and Offerchat are well recommended live chat. Similarly you may also suggest eAssistance Pro live chat which allows to take avail live chat benefits.


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