The Power of experts. Help is great. But get the right help.

The Power of Experts. Lesson from Lowes
The Power of Experts. Lesson from Lowes

The Power of Experts. Lesson from Lowes

Over the weekend I was getting advice in how and what tools to use to get an air conditioner to fit in a “hole” in my bedroom. I went to Wal-Mart and Lowes and between these two stores bought hundreds of dollars of hardware and 3 power tools. Guess what? 2 of the 3 tools were not needed and in fact would NOT have solved my problem.

Check out the video below or watch it here.

At Lowes, I spoke to a true expert who immediately knew what I needed, directed me to the right tool and in fact saved me lots of money.

Lesson learn. It’s great to get help for your business. But ensure that the help you get is the RIGHT help, from a true expert who can be most useful to YOUR needs and that of your business.

Hire the wrong social media expert and you’ll find yourself wasting money, not getting the results you want and wasting time. This goes for just about every consultant or adviser (or employee) you hire.

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