A Quick Review of the New Blackberry Q10 Smartphone (Video Review)

As editor of Smallbiztechnology.com, I get to look at a LOT of different technology devices, software and apps. I recently got my hands on the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone and I put together a quick video to share the new features and challenges of the phone.

If you are currently a BlackBerry user and one who likes having a physical keyboard on your phone, then you’ll definitely want to upgrade to this new version. Some of the features of this new device include:

  • Qwerty Keyboard – helps with email productivity.
  • Larger Screen –  3.1″ screen
  • Touch Enabled – the screen is touch enabled to make moving through items quicker.

You can watch the video below or click here.



Are you a BlackBerry user? If so, have you moved to the new Q10?  What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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