Archive of August 2013

Turn Prospects into Customers Fast by Using ‘Click-to-Call’ Tech Tool

Enticing a prospect to become a customer is a challenge that has plagued business leaders since we first recognized selling as the art it truly is.  With technology getting more sophisticated every day, you would think that converting that interested prospect over to your side would be easier than ever before.  Unfortunately, you are competing […]

Not Everyone Has Twitter. But Everyone Has Text. ChattBack’s Service Helps With Mobile Customer Service

Although we’d like to think that “everyone” has Twitter and uses Twitter on their phone – “everyone” does not. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great if you could easily enable your customers to txt you without worying that that the text was going public on the Internet or that you missed answering it? ChattBack is service that […]

Beyond Hot Chicks: GoDaddy Is Going Beyond Domain Names To Service Your Small Business

For several years, we’ve come to know GoDaddy as doing two things very well: a) selling cheap domain names and b) advertising those domain names through scantly clad women. The strategy looks like it’s paid off. However, there has been an audience turned off by GoDaddy’s advertising as well. Godaddy is a new company – from […]