3 Ways To Use Hot Content To Build Your Email List. Vertical Response and Digioh Partner

I spent a few minutes just looking at a video how Vertical Response (email marketing company) and Digioh (think what a marriage of Dropbox and Infusionsfot would be like – tracking files) have partnered.

Digioh makes it possible for content marketing service providers (CRM, email marketing) to track digital files.

For example, maybe one of your email subscribers forwarded your email to someone else. When someone clicks on the LINK of a file you reference in your email newsletter, if they are NOT your subscriber, Digioh will prompt them to subscriber. This is a powerful way to ensure that your content is used to increase you email list. Email is still one of the most important ways to connect with your customers and engage your prospects.

Here’s a 12 minute video from¬†Rishi Shah, CEO of Digioh on how to grow your email list.


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