4 Reasons Wix and Squarepace Beat WordPress For Simple Website Creation

I love WordPress – it’s simple to use, feature rich and the standard web site development tool for so many web sites – Smallbiztechnology.com is built on WordPress. There is WordPress.com which is the online WordPress services then there is WordPress.org which provides free software for folks to install on their own web sites.

While WordPress is great, there are several other do it yourself web site tools on the market – two of my favorites are Wix and Squarespace – that might be better for some business owners.

What’s nice about these “non-Wordpress” services is that they offer an integrated solution for non-technical business owners.

They offer support (without having to Google for an answer), they offer a customized and limited number of plug-ins (not 10 million confusing plug-ins) and they’re very simple to use.  While WordPress offers support as well, I’v found that often it’s easier to “Google” the answer.

Here’s why I think Wix might be better for some businesses than WordPress

  • Hand pick plug-ins
  • Better technical support
  • Better help section
  • Curated templates

Finally, Wix recently launched 15 Business Management Apps for its 37+ million customers to use – these apps include features for invoicing, file sharing, social engagement and more.

I don’t think these apps are going to massively benefit Wix in any significant way, except one. Those customers who are just starting out online and maybe even their businesses can continue to turn to Wix for more than just a web site but also to help them manage their business.

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