5 Ways Highly Effective Professionals Are Productive Using Technology

I was recently looking at some news from Evernote announcing some upgrades and enhancements to their service – updated iPhone/iPad apps, updated Android app and then their were tips on how to email into Evernote and collaborate better using Evernote.

Whether you are using Evernote or some other tool it’s critical that you learn to maximize your use of digital tools so your day can be most productive.

Here’s a few power tips that I find productive:

  1. Dropbox on my tablet is amazing so I can access files anywhere
  2. Editing documents in Google Docs in real time with a colleague is VERY efficient
  3. Sending receipts directly to Concur (travel and expense app) saves time
  4. Managing my travel in Tripit is a big time saver and makes a stress free trip
  5. Use Asana to manage multiple projects makes life much easier

What are your power tips?

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