7 Ways Facebook and Twitter Are Helping Small Businesses Reach New Customers

Facebook is on a constant evolution to help very small businesses advertise on Facebook – to get more customers and/or keep the ones they have. If you have not yet tested the waters of Facebook advertising – try it out.

Recently, Facebook made things a bit easier by giving you free access to millions of Shutterstock images and a few other enhancements they did as well in regard to advertising and Facebook pages. Read the full announcement here.

My book “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing” and a presentation I created about Facebook for business here can help you.

Twitter is also making big strides in making it easier for small business owners to use Twitter to advertise. I received a simply written email from Twitter which reads:


@AlterBrooklyn wanted to drive more exposure and engagement on Twitter and attract new customers


They used Promoted Accounts targeted to users in New York City to grow a follower base of style mavens and potential customers. To reach an entirely new audience beyond their followers, @AlterBrooklyn used Promoted Tweets with sneak peek photos to drive awareness of their brand and to introduce new products.

250% increase of followers  on Twitter and increase number of in-store visits
Social Media marketing works – you just have to be Frequent, Relevant, Engaging and Analyze your results
Advertising through social media has of lot of benefits to your business. Here are 7:
  1. Quick results of the success of not success of your marketing
  2. Virality – ability to quickly reach others beyond who you directly marketed to
  3. Details measurement – through tracking links, hashtags and other methods you can get a granular view of how your marketing works
  4. Instant results – within minutes you can quickly see how your campaign is working (not hours, days, weeks or months for a radio, TV or print advertisement)
  5. You are in direct control – by advertising on social media you can control every detail of your advertising (the image used, how the copy looks and so much more, the time is launches)
  6. There are so many 3rd party services and solo professionals who can help you
  7. There’s lots of ways to learn – extensive help is all over the Internet

Remember social media advertising is not just about NEW customers – but it’s great to build loyalty with current customers as well!

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