Asana (Task and Project Tool) Continues To Add New Benefits For Small Teams

We at use Asana as one of the key tools to manage our editorial process and all of our projects.

It helps that it’s free for 30 users or less – but we’d pay for it – if we had to as well.

I like it because it’s easy to add tasks and assign tasks. But the other features it has such as tagging, dates, sub-tasks and more – make it invaluable.

  • Recently Asana added even more features – translating to awesome benefits for teams.
  • Sometimes you delete tasks and need to find them and get them back – Asana has this feature now.
  • You can also use Asana to track your time (especially billable client time).
  • Often times tasks change but you want to know what has changed in that task -you can now do this.

Asana rocks and you should consider adding it to your tool set – your business will thank you.

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