Batchbook’s Drag and Drop Import: Small Improvement Powerful Results

batchbook drag and drop

batchbook drag and drop

I think we take technology for granted. For example, every few days or so when I use my email (hosted by Google) I find neat improvements to the experience. Some are big, and some are small. One recent improvement is that when there is a date and time reference you can click on it to add it easily to your Google calendar.

In a similar vein Batchbook, a CRM provider, now let’s you take a file of contacts (like a spreadsheet) and drag it to Batchbook. Batchbook will then seamlessly start the import process.

This is a “tiny” improvement – but I bet it takes quite a bit of programming to do it right. In many systems you have to go to the “import” area to import a list contacts.

Kudos to Batchbook for a neat “little” improvement. Read more information about it here.

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