Creatively Challenged? Get Help With 140 Character Tweets With This Neat Tool

One of the challenging things people find about working with Twitter is what 140 characters to use in their Tweets. Not everyone is creative and can take a phrase like this “We have neat hand bags, in several colors, blue, red, gold. Which handbag would you pick for your hot date?”. It’s not easy to take a thought and turn it into several 140 character Tweets – turning it into several Tweets is even harder.

Vertical Response launched a new tool, Conversation Starter, which I I tested out. You fill in some blanks in a sentence, press submit, and are returned a list of suggested Tweets.

Are you “Twitter challenged” – check it out.

Two other tools Vertical Response tools include:

Button Builder: Use the VerticalResponse Button Builder to create vibrant, highly customizable buttons that help make emails pop and drive reader engagement.

PageRank Checker: This tool enables businesses to instantly learn their website’s Google PageRank score (Google’s system of assessing a website’s influence and importance by assigning it a score of zero to 10).

From this…

To this…


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