Dropbox Integration Is A Must For Any Serious Online Company


DropboxDropbox is so popular (heck I have over 200GB of storage space on Dropbox) that I think very soon it’s going to be a DEFAULT for every online service to integrate with Dropbox.

If I have a video stored on Dropbox, why can’t I seamlessly share it on Facebook with no upload needed. If I have files in Dropbox why can’t I link to them from any other online services?

Nimble joins a long line of companies announcing Dropbox integration, as reported by Venture Beat.

While external hard drives and other devices do have some relevance (I just reviewed a Seagate external drive here) it’s online file storage that is going to rein.

As you consider online services for your business ensure that the online services you use are integrated into them – it’ll make your use of these services so much easier.

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