Expanding Your Small Business – 4 Questions To Ask To Know If It’s The Right Time

A small business generally starts out in the home office of its founder or in a small storefront location, moving to a larger space as it grows. But over time, many businesses find that they can grow by adding locations in other areas. Whether you’re trying to serve customers on the other side of town, across the state, or in a different part of the country, timing is everything in expanding your small business.

In a recent article I wrote for Concur’s blog, I shared what a small business owner must think about  before expanding your small business and shopping for a new storefront or additional office space. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:


  • Why Now?
  • Where Are My Customers?
  • Can I Afford It?
  • Am I Ready To Manage Multiple Locations?

Before making the decision to expand your small business, spend time determining if it’s the right move. You’ll boost your chances of success by carefully researching and choosing the best location and time to grow your small business.  You can read my full blog post on Concur’s Blog site.


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