Five Low-Tech Ways To Keep Your Business Safe

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Five Low-Tech Ways To Keep Your Business Safe


While technology can provide an excellent way to make your business run smooth and secure, there are a number of ways in which you can protect yourself without having to use extra technology. If you can go old-school, why not? It’s not like you absolutely need to control your entire building through your smartphone.

Although technology generally makes things more affordable, there are some old-school solutions that are just as good and don’t require monthly payments or per-user deals. There are even some old-school inventions that have been retrofitted to help protect your tech! Let’s have a look at a few:

  • “Lost and found” labeling services – When you get a high-value object, whether it’s a device or a vase, you might want to protect it more than everything else you have. There are universal lost-and-found services out there that give you labels identifying your objects. The labels have special identification numbers on them that, when read, help the company reveal your identity. Most of these services offer rewards to the people who find your object, giving them an incentive to be sincere rather than keeping it.

  • Privacy screen filters – Nothing is more annoying than having someone peering into your phone (or tablet) to see what you’re doing. It happens more often than you think and you might not even notice it. Privacy screen filters act much like a one-way mirror when viewed from certain angles. So long as you look straight at the device, you’ll see everything you’re doing. When someone else tries to look from another angle, the device will appear black to them. The only disadvantage is that you must look straight into the device to use it.

  • Hidden-shackle padlocks – When you’re operating in an area that is known for theft, you should have an added layer of protection. Perhaps you’re already using padlocks to close up shop, but not the right ones. If you use a hidden-shackle padlock, you’ll prevent thieves from using bolt cutters to break in. To add even more protection, opt for a hidden-shackle padlock with a boron-carbide bolt. Also, if you’re using a spring-latch lock on your front door, replace it with a deadbolt. These are very difficult to bypass and is much more likely to make a thief give up.

  • Got windows? Use a film! – Right now, what’s preventing someone from using a crowbar to break your windows? If you answered “nothing,” you’re putting your business in danger. A good polyester safety film will not only protect your windows from breaking, but they will have an adhesive effect on any pieces that thieves manage to break. Some polyester films have more than 40 microlayers of ultra-resistant material compacted in a way that could also save you money on cooling by preventing the sun’s infrared rays from penetrating through your glass.

  • Closing shop for a while? Forward your mail. – Once in awhile, you and your employees need a break. You decide to give everything a rest for a week or so, but your mail’s still coming in. To prevent looking as if you’re not around, forward the business’ mail to a trusted address. It could be yours if you’re staying home.

Thieves and snoops present some of the biggest threats to a small business. Whatever you keep inside your place is an asset. Any loss of those could threaten the business’ ability to continue existing. Prying eyes and witty thieves can cost you lots of money if you don’t invest a little bit in protecting your devices and your building!


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