Gamifying Social Media: New Widget Turns Facebook Promotions Into A Fun Puzzle

Growing your business is all about getting your name out there. It’s not enough to be the best, the quickest, or the cheapest if no one has ever heard about you. Many businesses strive to increase brand recognition through social media and every successful business knows that every retweet, every follow, and every status update counts. Puzzle Promo, a widget for Facebook from GroSocial, is helping to bring businesses to a wider audience that would normally be out of their reach.

Puzzle Promos are Facebook promotions that ask entrants to Like multiple Facebook pages. Like a puzzle, it reveals the entry form piece by piece as you enter, generating hundreds or thousands of new fans for each page that participates. With a Puzzle Promo, your business’ Facebook page will be connected to anywhere from one to nine other businesses (for a total of ten). When a visitor accesses any one of the pages, the promotion will appear, fragmented between all businesses involved. To gain access to the full benefits of the promotion, visitors must like the Facebook page of each business, revealing pieces of the promotion as they go. To simplify the process, the puzzle is fully available from each page, allowing users to like all the pages at once without having to navigate through page after page.

The first “Puzzle” went live on June 9, 2011. After two weeks, GroSocial wrote a blog entry detailing the results. Some of the highlights include:

  • 8,142 email addresses collected
  • 10,753 wall posts shared by promotion entrants
  • 21,319 total number of fans acquired
  • monthly active users increasing eighteen percent across all four businesses

Those are some pretty impressive numbers for a short, two week run!

Ultimately, Puzzle Promo creates a completely new scenario in which businesses can accrue fans. If Dimitri’s Burger Shack only had a small fan base, and he created a promotion with Phillip’s Crab Hut, both businesses would have the benefit of access to each other’s fan bases. And with newer developments within Facebook itself, once Dimitri likes Phillip’s Crab Hut, all of his friends can be exposed to that page, resulting in a much broader market.

The depths of social media are still being explored, as formats change from blogs to tweets to pictures and videos. Marketing is right on its heels, keeping pace. This type of marketing attempts to “gamify” social media, making visitors active participants, and incentivize interaction. There’s likely to be much more experimentation with social media, and Puzzle Promo is likely just the right stepping stone to achieving more.

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Dimitri Jordan

Dimitri Jordan is a student working on a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a second in Ancient Studies. He is also a freelance writer, often concerned with concepts in technology and media.

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